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Grimme farm vehicles

Grimme Ridging Hiller (SIKU 2065)

Grimme Ridging Hiller

Farmer Series from SIKU - 1:32 scale (SIKU 2065)

Die cast metal model Grimme ridging hiller, with adjustable row shaper, and hitch for attaching to suitable 1:32 scale vehicles.
Grimme SE 75-30 Potato Digger (Bruder 02130)

Grimme SE 75-30 Potato Digger

Bruder - just like the real thing - 1:16 scale (Bruder 02130)

Use the crank handle to operate the cleaning and sorting belt of this Grimme SE75-30 Potato Digger to transport the imitation potatoes into the potato ...
Grimme SE260 Bunker Harvester (Wiking 7816)

Grimme SE260 Bunker Harvester

Wiking Die Cast Models - 1:32 scale (Wiking 7816)


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