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Quay Plastic 4D Animal Construction Kits

Quay Logo Quay woodcraft construction kits made of pre-cut plywood sheets to assemble by slotting the individual pieces together. These kits have great educational value as well as giving you a great model as an end result.

Re-create the Houses of Parliament, a Spitfire, saxophone or a giant T-Rex, or make a working alarm or pendulum clock or build your ultimate 'fantasy villa'- just a few of the model kits available in the range.
Human Heart Anatomy Model (Quay FP041)

Human Heart Anatomy Model

4D Puzzle of the human anatomy (Quay FP041)

Anatomy model of a human heart which is both educational and a 4D puzzle - a 3 dimensional model with extra detailing - containing 31 ...
Zebra (Quay FP013)


4D Animal Puzzle (Quay FP013)

WAS £3.99
NOW £2.49
Build yourself a zebra with this '4D' puzzle - that's 3D plus Details. Put the 24 pieces together to build a realistic animal. Challenge yourself ...

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