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Scale explained

The main scale used for agricultural models is 1:32 scale, but how big is that? This guide tries to help. We have many other popular scales on this site, you will find a complete list at the bottom of this page.

Scale definition

In it's simplest terms the scale of a model is the ratio of the size of the model to the size of the real item, meaning if you have a 1:32 scale tractor you will need 32 of them lined up nose to tail to equal the length of the real thing, so is 1/32 the size.

How big is a 1:32 scale model?

The exact size of the model will depend on the size of the real thing, though for an average size tractor a 1:32 scale model will be around around 12 cm / 5 ins in length, and an average 1:32 scale combine harvester will be around 30cm / 12 ins in length.

Scale example with John Deere 9880STS Combine Harvester, Massey Ferguson 6140 Tractor, Krampe Halfpipe Twin Axled Tipping Trailer

Picture shows the John Deere 9880STS Combine Harvester (Britains 40845) with Massey Ferguson 6140 Tractor (Britains 09449) pulling a Krampe Halfpipe Twin Axled Tipping Trailer (Siku 2871)

1:87 scale compared to 1:32 scale

1:87 is smaller than 1:32 - 1:87 is also known as the HO scale, a popular size for model railways. Note: OO scale railway is popular in the UK and slightly larger than HO at approximately 1:76 scale. The two scales are compared in the following picture;
Scale example with 1:32, 1:72 and 1:87 Fendt tractors

The picture above shows two versions of Fendt tractors, 1:32 scale (SIKU 6754) and 1:87 scale (SIKU 1875)

1:16 and 1:43 scale compared to 1:32 scale

A 1:43 scale model is smaller than a 1:32, being 1/43 the size of the real thing. A 1:16 is twice the size of a 1:32. The three scales are compared in the following picture;

Note: The Ferguson show is half the size of the Fendt tractor above, as it is in real life!
Scale example with 1:16, 1:32 and 1:43 Ferguson TE vintage tractors

The picture above shows three versions of the Ferguson TE vintage tractors, 1:16 scale (Universal Hobbies 2690), 1:32 scale (SIKU 3470) and 1:43 scale (Schuco 02871)

Scales available on this site

1:9Large scale models used by the Breyer Traditional range
1:12Scale used by Breyer Ponies
1:16Larger agricultural scale, used by Universal Hobbies
1:18Popular scale for vehicles such as the ones from ERTL
1:24Scale used by Breyer Paddock Pals
1:25Traditional metal clockwork tractors
1:32Scale used by most agricultural manufactures, including Britains, SIKU, Universal Hobbies and Breyer Stablemates
1:43Scale used by Schuco Classic
1:50Scale used for many construction models such as the ones from ERTL
1:72Scale used by many of the SIKU Blister series
1:87This is the size of the popular HO scale for many railway sets, used by Wiking HO Gauge, Wiking HO Classic, and SIKU M87 series
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