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Wooden Large Scale Utility Shed

Brushwood Toys Premium - 1:16 Scale (Brushwood BT9500)

Large 1:16 Scale Utility Shed from Brushwood wooden toys range.

Built to fit the popular larger scale of farm toys, this versatile shed can be used for machinery storage, big bale, or livestock housing.

There is a large sliding door to one end, 4 solid removeable cow cubicles, and 4 feed barrier rails running along the front and middle of the building that can be arranged as required.

Flipped roof sections turn into an extended farm play base.

Vehicles not included.

Assembly required.

Model brand / code: Brushwood BT9500

Model scale: 1:16

Approximate dimensions: 67 x 59 x 39 cm

Wooden Large Scale Utility Shed
£75.99 GBP
4 in stock
Approximately €88.53 EUR or $113.99 USD
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