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The Horse Must Go On! - a Sumatra Story

Breyer Wind Dancers (Breyer 6128)

Children can really let their imaginations fly with this magical new series based on Breyer's beautifully-coloured model horses, The Wind Dancers.

Dancing on the wind, surrounded by magical haloes, four tiny horses with childlike personalities that children will readily identify with, they are the Wind Dancers. Delighted with themselves and with their newly discovered magic, the four new friends Kona, Brisa, Sumatra and Sirocco set out to discover all that their magic has to offer.

The Horse must go on is a 80 page tale in chapters about Sumatra.

Model brand / code: Breyer 6128

Model scale: N/A

Age rating: 6+

The Horse Must Go On! - a Sumatra Story
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Approximately €4.79 EUR or $4.99 USD
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