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Winter Wonderland - 2017 Holiday Horse

Breyer Christmas Horse (Breyer 700120)

Breyer limited edition collectible holiday horse 2017, Winter Wonderland. With a sleek palomino coat shimmering in moon light, carrying a festive load of pine boughs and pinecones. Wearing a wintering blanket with faux fur trim, ribbons and beading. Two wintry owls are perched on his back.

Hand painted with 'Happy Holidays 2017' written on his belly.

Part of a collectible series.

Model brand / code: Breyer 700120

Model scale: 1:9

Approximate dimensions: 30 x 7 x 22 cm

Age rating: 8+

Winter Wonderland - 2017 Holiday Horse
£53.99 GBP
2 in stock
Approximately €63.71 EUR or $86.38 USD
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