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Equestrian Centre

Brushwood Toys Premium - 1:12 Scale (Brushwood BT1000)

Equestrian centre is a truly unique and beautiful wooden toy that must represent the ultimate in toy equestrian centres. Everything you need for your horses and ponies is included in the set. It is built to the popular 1:12 scale and incorporates a stable, open stall, tack room, hay loft and when the two roof sections are removed they form a large sand-school area for that dressage practice.

Features include: 2 realistic flocked horse with silky mane and tail, English saddle with metal stirrups/bridle and reins, 1 metal feed bowl, 1 metal first-aid box, 1 realistic hay net with real hay, 1 plastic water bowl, 1 sack of horse feed, 1 sack of horse bedding, 1 hand made stall guard, 2 saddle racks, 1 bench and 4 clothes hooks in tack room, 1 ladder, split stable and tack room doors with real hinges and catches.

Assembly required.

Model brand / code: Brushwood BT1000

Model scale: 1:12

Approximate dimensions: 55 x 41 x 34 cm

Age rating: 3+

Equestrian Centre
£76.99 GBP
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Approximately €93.93 EUR or $98.55 USD
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