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John Deere 7290 Tractor with Dual Wheels (Bluetooth Handset)

Remote Control Farm Series from SIKU - 1:32 scale (SIKU 6736)

Easy, intuative controls make precise manoevring possible, controlling the tractor's three motors for drive and speed control, rear hitch, plus lights and indicators.

Twin tyres attach by magnets for easy attachment and removal, and the tractor can be driven with normal tyres, with twin tyres on front and rear axles, or with twin tyres on the rear axle only. Front hitch with removable bumper weight.

SikuControl remote control rear accessories including trailers and ploughs also compatible, simply plug in and control from the handset.

Bluetooth app also available for download to your smartphone or tablet.

Model brand / code: SIKU 6736

Model construction: Die Cast Metal & Plastic

Model scale: 1:32

Approximate dimensions: 18 x 13 x 11 cm

Age rating: 3+

Play Rating:
Toy and Collectable
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John Deere 7290 Tractor with Dual Wheels (Bluetooth Handset)
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