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1:50 Scale Brushwood models

Main Tarmac Road (Brushwood JTD1002)

Main Tarmac Road

Brushwood Toys - 1:50 Scale (Brushwood JTD1002)

Pack of 2 strips of main road, total length 102 cm. Realistic smooth tarmac effect with road markings. Vehicles and accessories not included.
Main Tarmac Road T-Junction (Brushwood JTD1003)

Main Tarmac Road T-Junction

Brushwood Toys - 1:50 Scale (Brushwood JTD1003)

Main road T-Junction with realistic smooth tarmac and white road markings. Vehicles and accessories not included.
Mini Roundabout (Brushwood BT-JTD1004)

Mini Roundabout

Brushwood Toys - 1:50 Scale (Brushwood BT-JTD1004)

Four-way mini roundabout for 1:50 scale vehicles. Vehicles, road sections and accessories not included.
Transport and Distribution Depot (Brushwood JTD1001)

Transport and Distribution Depot

Brushwood Toys - 1:50 Scale (Brushwood JTD1001)

Model toy transport and distribution depot for carpet hauliers everywhere. With a large covered 2-bay lorry unloading area with sliding doors for forklift access leading ...

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