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My Dream Horse - Customizing Kit 2

Breyer Craft & Games (Breyer 4100)

New from Breyer. My Dream Horse Customizing Kit.

You can create the perfect horse! Whether you love pintos, appaloosas, or just want to get creative, this kit gives you all the tools you need to create your dream horse.

Add mane and tail. Give your horse black hair, chestnut hair or a combination, follow the instructions to get real-looking results!

It's easy! Just choose a color for your horse's coat from our special pallet of acrylics paints, or mix a new and exciting color.

Kit contains, one unpainted 1:12 scale plastic model horse, three paint brushes, one cord of each of black and chestnut mohair, six colors of acrylic paints (3ml each paint color) and one 7ml bottle of glue.

Model brand / code: Breyer 4100

Model scale: 1:12

Age rating: 6+

Play Rating:
More Toy than Collectable
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My Dream Horse - Customizing Kit 2
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Approximately €21.91 EUR or $25.50 USD
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