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Wooden Beef Unit

Brushwood Toys Premium - 1:32 Scale (Brushwood BT8450)

Brushwood Wooden Toys Beef Unit - it's called a beef unit but you could use this shed for anything you like, it has 3 removeable feed barriers and 4 gates which can be rearranged to form several internal layouts.

The retractable storm-stopper really finishes it off making it look just like the real thing.

It includes 1 small bag of dung and 1 small bag of silage (coloured sawdust).

Animals and vehicles not included.

Assembly required.

Model brand / code: Brushwood BT8450

Model scale: 1:32

Approximate dimensions: 56 x 45 x 26 cm

Wooden Beef Unit
£72.99 GBP
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Approximately €86.13 EUR or $98.54 USD
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Brushwood Toys - 1:32 Scale
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