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Dutch Barn Silage Clamp with Cubicle House Lean-To

Brushwood Toys Premium - 1:32 Scale (Brushwood BT8985)

Dutch barn silage clamp with cubicle house lean-to for all your silaging needs. Combining a covered silage clamp to one side, with filler ramp, and a cubile house lean-to for up to 12 cows with feed barrier, raised cubicle platform and metal cubicles, plus opening access door. Cubicle platform / feed barrier can be removed if you need extra storage space.

Requires assembly. Figures, machinery and accessories sold separately.

Model brand / code: Brushwood BT8985

Model scale: 1:32

Approximate dimensions: 49.5 x 47 x 26 cm

Age rating: 3+

Play Rating:
More Toy than Collectable
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Dutch Barn Silage Clamp with Cubicle House Lean-To
£64.99 GBP
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Approximately €75.39 EUR or $87.74 USD
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